Crazy platformer where except climbing you have to avoid deadly blades. One false step and you will be shredded by a gigantic saw or cut by sudden appearing blades. You can find this game on many websites with flash games or you can watch a video of the gameplay.

Bloody Climber screenshot 1 Bloody Climber screenshot 4

This game was inspired by Icy Tower. In addition to original I have added possibility to buy improvements with collected coins. You can improve a jump power by buying boots or control in air by upgrade the outfit. There are also some achievements to unlock and for each one you will be rewarded.

Like in my other games I used Gimp to create graphics and bfxr to prepare sound effects. Generally the game is made in retro 8-bit style so I had to use appropiate music. After some searches I found well suited music to this title made by Eric Skiff. Graphic cover was made by Anna Skobodzińska.

Bloody Climber screenshot 2 Bloody Climber screenshot 3